heck yeah, zach quinto!

everybody needs some glasses sporting, cardigan-and-skinny-tie wearing zachary in their life.

or at least on their dashboard.

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Still kicking this around. I had to up the amount for a few reasons:

  1. GoFundMe keeps a percentage of what you raise, so even though I got to $2,000, what I wound up receiving wasn’t actually enough to cover his initial expenses
  2. His on-going expenses is a little more than I expected and I’m about to start paying on student loans, so I’m not really sure how I’m going to balance the two.
  3. I have to go on a work trip in a few weeks, so I’ll have to board him again.

I really appreciate any and all help/thoughts/good vibes/signal boosts.


posting this on all the blogs I run because I need your help, dear internet friends!


Zachary Quinto being awesome

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“Don’t give me an attitude, Spock!”

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“Can you, in fact, “Spock-ify” any phrase that I give you?” (x)

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Zachary Quinto got the Spock Vulcan salute from Obama [x]

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zachary quinto uses 50 vocabulary worlds to describe the movie and pine does this

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